Top 10 Famous Food Blogs & Bloggers in India

Here are the Top 10 Famous Food Blogs in India.

1. Shivesh Bhatia ( Bake with Shivesh)

Food Blogs in India

“Bake With Shivesh” is a blog by famous Instagram Food Content creator & Food blogger. His blog is the most engaging amongst food blogs in India. Shivesh Bhatia who is just 25 years old and youngest of India’s most-followed & popular food bogger & Self Taught Baker from Delhi, India with has over 682k followers on his Instagram handle. Shivesh is also a very successful YouTuber with having over 691k subscribers  & 66,778,749 views which he started in 2014 on his channel, he is also the author of 2 recipes books. His videos & blog are well known for baking. His blog is the one that will teach you how to make some simple but stunning desserts for anyone to make easily in your kitchen by reading his recipes & watching his videos.

2. Archana's Kitchen by Archana Doshi

Food Blogs in India

Archana’s Kitchen is the 2nd most popular & famous Food blogs in India. The lady behind the famous Instagram page & the Blog is Archana her blog is the leading recipe and food platform that gives the best credible and confident ‘DIY’ helps for everyday cooking. Archana’s Kitchen has our hearts and she is a food blogger who makes sure that No Recipe &  Dishes gets unnoticed. Be it fancy, sweet, street foods and gourmet Archana’s kitchen blog and Instagram page knows how to make their followers hungry and puts palette and exciting to her followers & food lovers. Archana has gained 360k followers for her food recipes secrets. So do not think so much, and feel your Stomach and food cravings with her food  & recipes.

3. My Food Story by Richa Gupta

Food Blogs in India

My Food Story by Rich Gupta is the 3rd most popular Food Blogs in India. If you are Looking for the latest food updates & its recipes anyone? then, the “Richa Gupta’s My Food Story” blog can help you as her blog has it all covered up with all types of food recipes of best healthy breakfast, dinner, dessert, and drink recipes for the busy people who love cooking but don’t have time, from Indian to Chinese & Italian for you. She is a crazy food enthusiast who has gained immense popularity for her Blog & Instagram page “MyFoodStory”  She has 194k followers on the Instagram page and  Richa is always excited and creative when it comes to food as her love for food is clear from her Instagram page, which covers the whole of Indian to Chinese & South Indian foods & Recipes. If you are a foodie & crazy food lover so don’t think much and visit her Instagram page  & food blog for more yummy delightful and mouthwatering tasty foods & recipes.

4. Yummy Tummy by Aarthi

Food Blogs in India

The “Yummy Tummy” by Aarthi Satheesh who makes everyone’s mouths water with this ‘Yummy Tummy’ Blog & Instagram food page, Aarthi Satheesh is an inspiration for many. Aarthi’s blog Yummy Tummy is India’s most popular food blogs in India.  She was been a Masterchef Tamil contestant,  Aarthi is on a mission to show everyone how easy cooking can be that she shares recipes with easy step-by-step photos which simply, easily shows us clearly the ease of cooking. She gives ideas for your daily cooking by sharing breakfast, lunch & dinner ideas. She is not just a blogger but also a successful Youtuber who has over 400k subscribers with a total of 148,191,312 views on her YouTube channel which she started in 2017, also 193k followers on Instagram.  She covers everything on her blog & YouTube videos from the recipes of the food, from vegetarian to non-vegetarian, from sweet to Spicy. Her blog has received immense appreciation & support for her work. If you wish to cook & eat foods from scratch Aarthi’s food page & YouTube videos make you do this from scratch. 

5. Vegan Richa by Richa Hingle

Food Blogs in India

The “Vegan Richa” blog by Richa Hingle is the 5 most famous amongest Food Blogs in India. Richa Hingle is Food Blogger & Youtuber and she is popularly known for the Instagram food page ‘Vegan Richa’ where she has 335k followers on Instagram, her feed & blog’s food recipes never disappoint anyone and the food enthusiasts eater for tasty food mood. From all Indian food recipes to gourmet, from spicy to sweet, from sober to insane her blog has got it all covered up for you to cook yummy foods. We can call her as She is India’s most famous  Vegan Food Blogger. On her blog & by her YouTube videos you can Learn to use flavor in innovative ways as she covers cuisines and favors complex flavors and whole foods like beans, lentils, nuts, seeds, veggies, whole grains, and many more, and that’s the main reason people call it her blog is the best food blogs in India. 

6. Raks Kitchen by Rajeswari

The Raks Kitchen the food by Rajeswari Vijayanand is the 6th most famous food blogs in India. She is currently based in Singapore, Rajeswari is a food blogger who shares her vegetarian food journey through her blog and on the  Instagram food page on which she has gained 107k followers. Her Facebook page is one of the most followed pages in India with over 2 million followers on it. Her blog contains all food recipes and anyone can  learn easily how to make South Indian recipes, North Indian recipes, and eggless baking recipes with step-by-step pictures and videos she has shared on her blog site. If you want to learn to cook south & north Indian spicy & tasty food dishes so visit her blog & get some bite of  tasty food, must look at to her profile and find your yummy favorite dishes. Her popular profile charms the food blogging industry and has created a stir in recent years.

7. My Tasty Curry by Rekha Kakkar

Food Blogs in India

The Rekha Kakkar is the lady behind the food blog “My Tasty Curry” and it’s one of the 7 th most famous amongst top popular food blogs in India. She is the best food content creator &  food photographer and food consultant by profession she is from Delhi, India. Rekha is not just a food blogger but also a very famous & successful food YouTuber having over 170k subscribers on her YouTube channel. She shares healthy and tasty recipes and How to make all those complicated recipes in a very easy & simple way.  Her Food blog & YouTube videos recipes are most popular because that can be made easily in 30, minutes or less,   You can find, Indian vegetarian dinner recipes, quick and easy snack recipes, north Indian recipes, south Indian recipes, breakfast recipes or veg recipes for lunch & dinner on her blog & YouTube channel. She is also a popular Instagram Food content creator with over having 245k followers on it. Do check out her blog & don’t forgot to visit her Youtube channel.

8. Passionate about Baking by Deeba

Food Blogs in India

The famous food blog & Instagram page “Passionate about Baking” by Deeba Rajpal, her blog is India’s one of the top famous for Baking she has been baking for 15 years now. Her blog is the 8 best food blogs in India She is not just a Food blogger but also a well known  Author, Food Stylist, Content Creator, Eggless Desserts. You can find so many Baking recipes on her “Passionate about Baking” Instagram food page on which she has over 236k followers on it. She is the food blogger who always makes sure that she has something for each & everyone. Her Instagram food page  is an very interesting digital magazine, every baking tips & ideas and you will love the way she presented her work in a creative and engaging manner. If you are looking for some good baking tips & recipes then her blog and she is the one whom you should must follow. 

9. Zingyzest by Sarah Hussain

Sarah Hussain is a 25 years old Food Blogger & youtube from Delhi, India. She is popularly known by the name “Zingyzest” If you are a food lover & love eating foods and you want to explore & splendor some fancy & spicy foods and colorful spices of different places and around the world, you should follow Sarah Hussain Instagram Food Page “Zingyzest“. She is India’s one of the most followed food bloggers having 473k followers on Instagram and 1.20 lakh subscribers on her YouTube channel.  Her creative editions have been always & regularly added to her blog & Instagram page and give everyone the opportunity to sink into a completely delicious & spicy Food world. Be it a sassy and ravishing party or quiet and classy breakfast, lunch, or dinner, Sarah knows how to make & looks her words with talking Photos & videos & reels on her Instagram Food page & Blog while spreading the magic. Exploring the different Foods in every cities corner is her specialty and creativeness is huge passion for food and travel that’s why her blog is the 9 the most famous food blogs in India.

10. Easy Cooking with Molly

The Easy Cooking with Molly the Food blog by Molly Kumar from New Delhi (India) but she have been living in  California for many many years now. Her blog is the 10 th most followed Food blogs in India, her blog Easy Cooking with molly is all about the authentic and all Indian recipes with a lighter version, Fusion of Spices and World Cuisine. Molly Kumar has been featured for her food blogging & Food content creation  in many news medias & magazines which includes India Today, Femina, The Kitchn, Yumly, Food Porn, The daily Meal, Better Homes & Garden and many more. Her love & passion for food & recipes can be easily seen on her Instagram channel she has over 11 k followers. Check out her blog & View her Instagram profile and do not forgot to follow her now. 


That’s all about the Top 10 Famous & popular Food blogs in India. Do follow these food bloggers & their Instagram pages and let us know in the comment who is your favorite food blogs in India. We hope you like our blogs post keep visiting our Blog website to know more about the top best famous Influencers & personal brands & Businesses. 

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