Top 10 Travel Bloggers in India

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Here are the op 10 Travel Bloggers in India

1. Nikhil Sharma

Mumbaiker Nikhil Travel Bloggers in India

Nikhil Sharma is one of the 1st in top 10 Travel Bloggers in India, He is amn MotoVlogger & an Influnecr from Mumbai, India. He is India’s most popular Travel Vlogger & YouTuber  famous by the name Mumbiker Nikhil as of now he has 3.8 Million Subscribers and 1.3 Million followers on Instagram, He was one of the firsts who make moto-vlogging famous in India and he has his own clothing line brands which is  LabelMN. Where he sells includes t-shirts, caps, bags and other accessories, online. Nikhil had worked as a flight attendant in Qatar Airways till 2012 then he started his YouTube Channel in 2013 now he is Full time Travel Vlogger his most popular and Favourite trips are Ladakh, kashmir to kanyakumari Mumbai-Bangalore-Mumbai and Kashmir-Kanyakumari-Mumbai in this series he gained much popularity over the internet and helped him become  famous Travel Vlogger.

2. Varun Vagish

Varun Vagish Travel Blogger in India

Varun Vagish is an Full time Indian Travel Vlogger and Bloggers from Delhi, India he was also awarded for Promotion of Tourism by Central Goverment of India. Varun was an ex-journalist and also hold Phd degree in mass-communication. He is famous by the name ‘Mountain Trekker’ Varun has been exploring the world  since last 15 years. Varun has done many collaborations with Nationals and  Internationals Tourism boards, Airlines and brands. he has his own YouTube channel by the name “Mountain Trekker” & as of now he have over 1 million subscribers and his videos  influenced people to come out from comforts zone to travel the world. He also tells how to travel in minimum budget.

3. Tanya Khanijow

Tanya Khanijow is an 28 year old top amongst Travel bloggers in India, an YouTuber and a Photographer from Delhi. She is known for her Solo Travel journey and trips vlogs she started her own YouTube Channel after she left her corporate at the start of 2018, Tanya  have been able to create a sustainable job for herself as Traveler and YouTuber since she love making videos about it. She is somebody who loves adventure, new cultures,  different experiences and all good things that one can learn outside of the comfort of our homes. She have her own YouTuber Channel by  name Tanya Khanijow and as of now she have 784k  subscribers and 379k Followers on Instagram. 

4. Kritika Goel

Kritika Goel is 4th most known amongst travel Bloggers in India  an Full-time Indian Travel Vlogger & Instagram Content creator. She left her 9 to 5 corporate job  and started her own YouTube channel on which she   make  travel and lifestyle vlogs covering different destinations around the world, working with various brands, tourism boards like  HongKong Tourism  Board, Czeh Tourism, Vistara Aireline, Bumble & many more she has also been faetured in  TEDx, Times of India, Lonely Planet, Outlook Traveller, Cosmopolitan and Femina. As of Now she has 420k Subscribers on her YouTube channel and now through travelling she is living her #dreamlife & inspiring others  to do  same, Kritika  is also helping other Content creators, and teaching  them from her personal experience as she wish to help  more people could experience these kind of life which she is living now. 
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5. Mohit Manocha

When it comes to exploring new destinations, there’s no stopping Mohit Manocha is the man who has made traveling as  passion of his life. Mohit is an  Indian Travel Blogger & YouTuber from Faridabad, India who is best know by the name “Travelling Desi“, mohit was working as as an Software Developer  before he  started his vlogging in 2018 his vlogs are famous about “Budget-friendly travelling around the globe” he is one of the travel vlogger in India who has gained 1.5 million subscribers in just less than 3  years of span till now he has traveled to more than 25 countries and made 560+ videos. He recently started new YouTube channel which is “The Manochas” where he create videos about the life of an two Culture people one Half Indian Punjabi and half French Canadian. 

6. Shubham Kumar

Shubham Kumar is 6 top and  the youngest amongst Travel Bloggers in India he is just 20 year old from Bihar, India. He is student also after completing his 12 the standard in 2018  he started  travel vlogging his vlogs & videos are famous for ‘Hitchhiking‘ and for ‘Travelling in underrated places‘ till the date he has created more than 250+  videos and has traveled 20+countries  in just 3 years of span he gained 1.7 Million as per (9/12/2021) subscribers to his YouTube channel. Shubham is inspiration for many people of his age his TouTube channel name is “Nomad Shubham” check out his channel to see adventureous & Hitchhiking travelling videos. Currently he is in Iran

7. Deepanshu Sangwan

Deepanshu Sangwan  is one of the top travel vlogger from  India. He is famous by the name “Nomadic Indian”  Deepanshu Quit the preparation of ( SSC & CAT) and started his travel journey in 2017  his YouTube channel name is “Nomadic Indian” in just 3 years he gained 1.27 million subscribers, he videos are all about travelling in minimum cost from one country to another. This is his story of unconditionally pursuing his passion for travelling. Till now, He covered more than 12 countries in the past 3 years, he is  top Indian vlogger. His motto is to “Live the life you always dreamed of!” because good time will never come until you make this time good.” in India he has lived in Delhi, Mumbai & Bikaner currently he is living in Chandigarh.

8. Radhika Sharma

Radhika is 25 years old, popularly known by the name ‘Radhika Nomllers,’ Radhika is a Travel Blogger, Vlogger & content Creator who left her Corporate Finance Job to travel the world and has been doing so nonstop for two years. She used to travel beside her job but was never fully satisfied because of the work Pressure, so once she decided to travel and share her experiences and to inspire people to do the same through her YouTube vlogs, her YouTube videos are about encouraging women to live freely, DIY travel hacks, her personal experiences to every place she’s been to, how to travel on a budget & many more. Radhika loves solo traveling because that is ULTIMATE FREEDOM to her & she says it helps her grow as a person. As of now, she has 220k subscribers, and she also creates content on Instagram as she has 268k followers. she loves outdoors and she always in search of hikes, and adventure activities such as skiing, surfing and diving spots Do not forget to watch her vlogs & visit her blog. Click here 

9. Savi and Vid

Savi and Vid – an Indian Travel Blogger & Vlogger couples who are travel addicts and storytellers from Delhi, India. Savi & Vid were schoolmates & friends then they got married, they love exploring  countries in their own unique ways as they have been travelled to 90+ countries from past 12 years now. In  2015 they quit their jobs in the UK to live out of suitcases and become full-time travel bloggers they  work as a travel photographer and travel writer to sustain themselves while travelling the world. They have won a number of prestigious awards for our work in the travel blogosphere, featured on many of news channels, and delivered several TEDx Talks. They also have YouTube channel by name ‘Bruised Passports‘ they make vidoes about Travel, Travel Fashion & Travel beauty  and as of now they have 49k subscribers this couples Savi & Vid are India’s one of the most followed travel bloggers on Instagram as of now they have 865k followers. Dont forgot to visit their vlog (click here) & Blog Click here.

10. ShenazTreasury

Shehnaz Treasury is one of the most famous amongst Travel bloggers in India  & popular Travel & Influencer and a former Indian Film Actress. She is 40 years old and is travelling for so many years now Her hobbies include photography, playing the piano, travel, scuba, surfing, dancing, horseback riding, writing, and this natural beauty, with a dimpled and toothy smile atop curved lips. She also owns a YouTube which she started in 2007 channel on which she makes videos of Travelling & lifestyles as of now she has over 183k Subscribers as of 30/12/2021 and 887k followers on Instagram as she is the most followed travel influencer in India. She is an Economics Times awarded Influencers for spreading positivity. Shenaz also has written many travel articles in magazines which include Cosmopolitan, Femina, and Elle

Instagram Profiles of all Top Famous Travel Bloggers in India.


So , This above all are the most followed Famous Top 10 Travel Bloggers in India. Let us know in the comment who is your favorite Travel Bloggers in India, If you are planning to travel the world just like this Travel Influencers & Bloggers then, you should must get some inspiration and experiences from all this Travel bloggers in India so check out their Instagram profiles, YouTube Channel & visit their Blogs. 
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