Top 10 Content Creators in India

01. Jay Kapoor

Jay Kapoor is one of the 1st in top 5 content creators in India He is 24 year old an Content creators and Indian YouTuber from Delhi, India.  He Creates demo and trending and tricks videos on his YouTube channel and as of now he has 330k subscribers and he also creates content on Instagram about Companies, Trending things and facts and figures of world and he has 324k Followers on Instagram. He also has a position among the list of Most popular YouTube Star. Jay Kapoor is one of the famous people at the age of 21 years old.
He has also founded some apps Like  Flash Sale Helper, and G-box and Edit Webpage app,
He is also an Instagram Influencer and he has collabarted with many barnds Like IndMoney and Slice, He always use  his tagline Acha laga share karo at the end of every video

02. Leeza Mangaldas

Leza Mangaldas is an India’s leading Sex Positive Content creators and Leading Instagrammer who’s is famos for creating sex positive content Since sex is a stigma in India to talk about it. she’s taken a bold step to discuss in depth about it so she created her YouTube channel  intending  to normalize conversations around sex, sexual health, gender, and the body–with a specific focus on girls and pleasure. Her purpose is to normalize discussions related & associated  with sex, somebody’s sexuality, sexual health. She completed her Bachelor of Arts Degree, in the year 2011, from Columbia University in New York City. Leeza has also volunteered for a series which is “Luxury Times” for Times Network. She  contributes to big names such as Forbes, CNN.Leeza has been into Journalism and Information Anchoring. She acted in an independent movie called W, which was introduced in 2014, addressing gendered violence in India. She lives in Mumbai now.

03. Khusha Kapila

Khusha Kapila is an Indian sensation Start an Content Creator & YouTuber from Delhi. She creates & post comedy & funny meme content and she is  best known for Playing  Fictional Character as “Billi Massi” & also portrays another character called Nayna and  also plays the role of a fictional character named Monday Aunty on her Instagram and in her YouTube videos, as of now she has 259k  Subscribers on YouTube & 859k followers on Instagram, She wanted to become a journalist but life had some other plans for her.  She presently  works as a fashion editor for iDIVA. She also appears on iDIVA’s YouTube channel  and have taken many interviews of popular Indian Bollywood celebrities. Being an Instagrammer she also  collaborated  & endorses many brands like Olay, Myntra, Lays, Biotique, Nykaa, and Mastercard. also collaborated with Priyanka Chopra Jonas for her Instagram videos. The actor has also appeared in Myntra Fashion Superstar as a Judge with Superstar Sonakshi Sinha. She loves creating new content for her loved fans & audience. Her Life purpose is to entertain the audience throught her meme content.

04. Anisha Dixit

Anish Dixit is a 30 years-old famous Content Creators and YouTuber star in India. She was born in Germany and now Anisha is popularly Famous by the name and for playing the role “Rickshawali” on her YouTube channel She makes content & posts on the topics such as relationships, husbands, parents, sex education, and cultural differences in her videos. As of now, Anisha has 3.1 million subscribers since 2013 she is creating content now she is among India’s most popular social media personalities & creators she also makes content on Instagram, and through comedy content, she has over 575k followers on Instagram. Anish never forgets to make her followers & fans laugh and enjoy her comedy content. Check out her profile & visit her youTube channel.

05. Sukriti Chaturvedi

Sukriti Chaturvedi is a 30-year-old Top Youngest Content Creator and RJ. She is an engineer by qualification, sukriti was a popular RJ at Radio Mirchi in the show “Meethi Mirchi.” Radio Jockey RJ Sukriti also worked as an RJ on the hottest radio station, Mirchi 98.3 in Delhi, India, she is the most followed and famous RJ in Delhi, India after RJ she started her Content Creation Journey through YouTube Channel on which she creates content about socially relevant topics as of now she has 209k Subscribers & She is also very popular on Instagram for her Contents where she has 485k followers on Instagram as of (31-12-2021) Sukritik just wants to entertain people by her Talent. You have to check out her Instagram Profile & visit her youtube channel. 

06. Neha Nagar

Neha Nagar is an Indian Financial Planner, Tax Consultant, She was Ex Wealth Management in IIFL and she is also an Indian YouTuber and Finance Content Creator from Gurgaon, India. She Founder & Owner of  She has 234k Subscribers on her YouTube channel on which she creates videos about Finance, Taxations, Stocks currencies and cryptos, Neha Nagar also creates content on Instagram about tips about stocks, Currencies, crypto and finance and tax news   she has 765k Followers on Instagram a

07. Anushka Rathod

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Anushka Rathod is an Indian Digital Content Creators and Financial Influencer she makes content about Personal Finance , Investment, on Economics and Financial memes on Finance. She is an Bachelor of Commerce graduate and post graduate in Audit & Taxation from Surat being an Digital Content Creator she also an YouTuber and as of now has 6.79k Subscribers and 286k Followers on Instagram recently Anushka has become very much  Popular & gained popularity as an Financial Influencer she had collabrated with the brands like Slice, Zest Money, IND Money.
Anushka has worked as an equity research intern at Damos pvt Ltd and also worked an an Investment Banking Analyst for Profico Advisor 

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